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What did our customers say?

Computer business is getting tougher, and competition is getting more and more. In September 2009, we sent an email to our customers and asked for their feedback on why they choose to stay with us and continue to support our business, rather than buying from Apple Store, online, or other dealers. In just a few days, we are thrilled to receive tons of positive replies from our loyal customers. We are so grateful for their tremendous support. Here are just a few of their replies:

Dear DMAC Surrey


Just wanted to let you know how much i appreciated your assistance with my iPhone 5, transferring my old data over. You took the time when you could have easily turned me away. You don’t see that kind of customer service now a days.


Surrey, May 2013

I started dealing with DMAC in 2002. Over the nine years I have purchased Mac computers, software, peripherals, regular servicing (including cleaning up my hard drive, checking all hardware), external sound system. The products bought, the services received, and technical and software assistance have always exceeded my expectations.

DMAC has the uncanny business sense to pay attention to detail, speaking in plain language to explain the technical words, making recommendations with full explanation, and being extremely pleasant. One specific attitude I particularly appreciate is their quick response time to e-mails and messages. Living in White Rock means I have to plan time to travel to Richmond; with their quick response I can get little questions answered before they become big questions, saving the uncertainty that I would develop whilst waiting to get to their store.


On top of all this, Stephen, Paul and Henry (the staff I normally deal with out front) are extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and completely service oriented. Every person I have recommended to DMAC has similar experiences – honesty, integrity, and principled attitude are adjectives that describe the work ethic.


Whether for personal or business applications, the staff know their product and will recommend what is needed to meet the demands of the customer.


I heartily recommend DMAC for all the noted products and service.

Clifford Grant

White Rock, March 2011


多謝你的電郵, 我們相熟多年,我更認識你公司的電腦技師很久, 覺得大家都很好幫手, 感覺上我已經不單只是你們的顧客, 也成為你們的好朋友!

溫市這裡的電腦產品售價大致上都是差不多, 但我總覺得“好幫手”的良好質素才是最值得考慮的一環。你公司對我但凡想知,想要, 或必需要的電腦產品,都給我很好的支援。所以 , 我給你公司的服務評價是: – “非常出色”。

我一定會繼續支持你公司的業務, 同時也感謝你們對我持久的良好服務態度。




I’ve been purchasing from you simply because you provide a lot of value added services along side a competitive price. As we all know Apple pricing is similar across the most retailers so that’s not the main concern. The fact that I can get some deals from previous models that are still new is also helpful. Most importantly I appreciate my business relationship with you because you are very accommodating and helpful. I could say the same about Paul and his efforts to help me out when things go wrong with my computers. Take Care and gook luck!

Cox Tan-Ngo, RRT

Clinical Sleep Solutions

You guys have great service and are very quick and that is very important to us. Your knowledge of the products is second to none and we are very happy with that as well.

Chris Armstrong

Patent Pending Ideas

Of course there is an element of familiarity and routine, but the main reasons we continue to be happy with dmac is price, honesty and speed of service.

We appreciate your quick responses to emails and telephone calls for quotes and queries, as well as your competitive pricing and the fact that you are willing to recommend the less expensive alternative, when available. The personal touch — especially when we ask for your opinion — is something that can’t be matched by online shopping. Also, you are generally faster than Apple in delivering product. In addition, it is easy to get a hold of you or Paul when we have servicing issues/questions (it goes without saying that you are knowledgeable about the product — which is very important).

The main drawback is your location (relative to us!) and the added time and cost of delivery, but your delivery fee is reasonable and your response time is generally good (it is certainly better than Apple’s!) and it is very convenient to receive product directly at our office.

Due to location, we’ve considered using your competitors more often and have used them on occasion for urgent peripherals and servicing, but we find their focus on “upselling” to be
tiresome and time-consuming, and we don’t get the same response time and direct opinion as we get from you.

This is a bit of a rambling response, but to summarize: price, speed of service and the personal touch make us happy and returning customers!

Tommaso Oberti

Pheidias Project Management Corporation

I can ask you questions and look for recommendations on the right product, and I trust your opinion on what i should purchase (for instance, if I am looking for a particular product, you can give a good recommendation on choice of product, or will let me know if there is a special deal available)

Richmond location

DMAC remembers what the needs of my business are (and who I am!)

ability to bring in product quickly (and lets me know right away when it is in and ready for pickup)

consistent; reliable; trustworthy

website is kept up to date

I can feel confident recommending your services to others and know that you will take care of their needs

I never feel like you are trying to sell me something that I don’t need or don’t want

Laura Galloway

Laura Galloway Design

Unlike other places in town, you & your people know your technical stuff.
The service is always prompt. And, I can do business my-way with you.

Eddie Yuen

Langara College

Well I believe my first purchase was a 16MB RAM stick for my personal PowerMac 8500/120 for a mere $700 ouch! But I saw an ad in one of the computer newspapers, and decided to check you guys out. What I liked on even my first visit was that you had or could get most anything and at a reasonable (for the time) price.


Why did I go back a second time, well when I asked questions I got answers. I was not up-sold to something I did not need, nor was there any bait and switch pricing where something was advertised but then not really available. I was treated by all staff as a real customer even though I was new to dealing with you. And you stood by what you sold, your memory had lifetime warranty and other products you recommended were because you knew them to work well.

Fast forward a few years, and I started working at the radio stations, and now I needed a reliable supplier of both PC and Mac computers. Hey I was not buying 100 computers at a time, but even though I can walk to 2 Mac dealers, and at least 2 PC dealers here on Broadway but I still order things from Richmond. Why?


That really sums it up, if I call and I am in a bind, you guys do what you can to help me out. I am a somebody, not an account number in a database.

As far as Mac dealers go, you are more knowledgeable, less pretentious, don’t sell things for full list price + 10% (what the heck?)

Paul Chau in the Mac repair section is also great, he knows what he is doing and makes customers happy whenever Apple lets him ;-) Seriously, even out of warranty Paul will make extra effort to research lower cost solutions for a customer who’s laptop screen cracked for no reason… that kind of thing.

The fact that you, both Stephen and Michael have personally dropped off items here at the station for me over the years shows the level of Service with a capitol S you provide, and I like to vote with my wallet (and the companies wallet too) so that is why I like to support you. It is why I send many staff to your store too, and why those people are happy customers too.

Lastly pricing, well I do have to shop around, but for the quality of items I think you pricing is just fine, and hey when it seems way off I call you up as ask to see what you can do and it results in a sale to you in the end, so what more can I ask for?

Looking forward to many more years of dealing with you

Bart Allen

If I had to be specific about why we continue to use your services, I would say that the overall customer service is exceptional. We strive for exceptional customer service in our business, and we tend to choose suppliers that do as we do – those that are like-minded in their approach.

Price is not really an enormous factor – we know we can go elsewhere for products – although you do offer small discounts and free delivery on larger purchases – that’s a nice bonus that may be partly responsible for us coming back.


Knowledge and product selection has been good – again, we can research products online and choose for ourselves, but you have been our go-to guy when we have questions or we’re uncertain of exactly what we need. You have been able to quickly and easily identify our best options and help us choose the right product for us.


I think one main reason is the fact that we have a long-established relationship – we’ve worked together very happily over the years, so ‘why fix it if it isn’t broke?’ We have no reason to go elsewhere – we get everything we need from DM.


Another reason is the ‘no sales push’ approach. I personally hate purchasing in stores like Future Shop because of the sales tactics – you sit back and wait for us to call, you don’t force sales upon us, you offer options to upsell but not forcibly – we like that.


Thank you

Calum Crawford

Roxy Design

I prefer to build a relationship with a supplier rather than clicking a button for automated service. My boss happily purchases from Apple on the Web but I find that there is so much more to be gained with a personal contact.

You often have deals on older end of life or end of marketing year equipment and you make that available to me/us.

When I get it wrong you are always able to help me fix it.

When we want to experiment with something you are able to assist and understand when sometimes it doesn’t quite work out.

I think it boils down to personal service and contact. If you were across the street I would drop in at least once a week for a chat.


The scale can be set up initially.  However, after that, every time you step on the scale, it will report "ERR" message after sensing stage.  I followed Fitbit's web site troubleshooting guide already, but problem is still the same.  I did more research online and found that tons of Fitbit customers reporting same issue with hardware problem, so that FitBit has to replace the scale.

John Lees

Safe Software

I appreciate your service and support, the ability to speak directly with your people, their speed and courtesy, and fair prices.

Richard E. Hulbert MAIBC, FRAIC, RCA, RAIA, AIA, RRP

The Hulbert Group International Inc.

For me it is your support, and speed of service. Whenever I’ve been hit with a failed drive, logic board you’ve come through in spades for me, and anyone I’ve sent your way.

Chris Holmes

I have a loyalty to your business based on your good people, convenience, how your group has worked with me over the years, your competitive with pricing both on purchases and repair labor hours. I am very happy with both Dmac & DCC, your group is and will continue to be our main suppliers for all my computer and networking requirements.

Grant Bailey

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